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With regards to the etymology of the name of Elciego, there are several historical and linguistic hypotheses and interpretations. The studies most worthy of note are:

Julio Caro Baroja in his book "The Basques" observes the ending of names such as Elciego, Samaniego, Lanciego, Durango and Cuartango, which derive from former Latin names with the endings "icus" and "iecus".

Ricardo Cierbide, a Professor of Historical Grammar, explains the following in his article on the History and Toponymy of Elciego:
"I do not accept the popular explanation that the name Elciego derives from a tavern known as Del Ciego, owned by a blind local resident, as set out in the Historical Geographical Dictionary of the Basque Country (Tome I, Madrid, 1802, pp.239-240), since Elciego is documented in 1067 in the form of El Cieko, and is without doubt related to other areas such as Lanciego, Samaniego, Berberiego, etc.

Undoubtedly the attestation El Cieko of 1067 conceals a pseudo-archaism for Elciego, in an attempt to Latinise the place name, which was believed to be Latin. It appears obvious that the term derives from a lexeme, as discussed below, and a suffix, -ecu, which became the romantic -iego, as with the aforementioned place names: Lanciego, Samaniego, Berberiego, Casariego, etc, and which could mean "place", similar to the Basque -tegi, -aga, -eta, which are very frequent in Basque place names, cf. Markotegi, Satrustegi, Arteaga, Pagoaga, etc., or the suffix -oi, -ui: Ariztoi, Elordui, etc., equivalent to the romantic -edo, -eda (>lat. -ETUM, -ETA), as found in vegetation names such as Fresnedo, Salcedo, Robledo, etc.
In our case, bearing in mind the area and the age of the place name, it is highly probable that the first element derives from the Latin term elicina, which in turn derives from the vulgar Latin term elice, or the classical ilice, which is widely found in place names on the peninsula, cf. Oncineda, Encinar, etc. Similarly in the Cat. Alsina. In other words, it could be a case of *Elicin(a) + ecu > *Elciniego

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