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The town of Elciego is in the south of Rioja Alavesa, the southernmost area in the province of Alava.

Its coordinates are: 42º 30' North and 2º 37' West.

This area is delimited by two important geographical accidents: to the north, separating Rioja Alavesa from the rest of Alava, is the Sierra Cantabria mountain range, which protects it from the humidity, cold and rain from the north; and to the south, forming a natural border with the Region of La Rioja, is the Ebro river, which provides the entrance to a warmer climate from the Mediterranean throughout the valley.

The height above sea level is 451 metres, with an extension of 16 square kilometres. The little vegetation which extends throughout the municipality is of Mediterranean type.

The population is currently 1079 inhabitants and it forms part of Cuadrilla de Laguardia-Rioja Alavesa, in the Rioja Alavesa area.

It extends along the bank of the Mayor River, which flows into the Ebro. This means that part of the streets are on a slope. On the other side of the river is the area known as Barrio Bodegas.

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