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The origin of the name Elciego has been lost in legend. And legends, understood in their just value, form part of history.

One legend relates the origin of Elciego to the transfer of a former town settlement around San Vicente Hermitage, just a short distance from the Ebro. The area was known as San Andrés de la Ribera.

Another legendary component is the tavern or inn built by a blind man (ciego) in the current location of the town. This may well have given the town its name.

The first written testament on Elciego dates back to the year 1067, in the Cartulary of San Millán de la Cogolla. It is a document in the form of a testament of Aznar Díaz de Zieko, drafted in the Latin of the time with a profoundly Christian spirit. Translated to modern spanish it would be as follows:

"En el nombre de Cristo nuestro Redentor.Yo, el señor Aznar Díaz de Zieko, movido por el amor a Dios e impulsado por el recuerdo de mis pecados, dispongo libremente, donar, por la gloria de Dios algo de lo que El tan abundantemente me ha dado. Por eso otorgo y cedo en honor del confesor de Dios San Emiliano (San Millán), a ti Abada Blasco y a los que habitan en el Monasterio contigo, mi propio palacio que tengo en El Cieko con todas sus heredades, tierras, viñas, molinos..."


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