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Town settlement - Laguardia Jurisdiction

It is impossible to consider the history of Elciego without taking into account Laguardia Jurisdiction. Similarly, the Jurisdiction cannot be considered something given solely to the former inhabitants of what is now the town of Laguardia. The Jurisdiction is dated 25th May 1164 and was granted by Sancho VI "El Sabio". Elciego village, as so many others, was a beneficiary. Its inhabitants received privileges thanks to them belonging to this conflictive border area, often devastated by the constant fighting between the Kingdoms of Navarre and Castile. The Jurisdiction offered benefits to all the town people in these border areas, which in turn led to increases in the population and the securing of the defence of these lands.

The geographical limits of the Jurisdiction were clearly delimited and, apart from the fortification from which the Charter took its name, the Jurisdiction of Laguardia was extended to all the town people in the area, and, in consequence, to the former townspeople of Elciego.

Until the 16th century the inhabitants of Elciego were under the jurisdiction of the town of Laguardia.

The 13th century is notable for its absence of documents.

The population of Elciego grew during the 14th and 15th centuries. In 1366, according to the survey of Navarre, it counted on 15 houses plus a Priest and six noblemen. Elciego survived the plague of 1564, which devastated and even wiped out several villages. According to the list provided by the Mayor of Laguardia, in 1571 Elciego counted on 150 houses.

All this progress increased and promoted the idea of independence. The inhabitants of Elciego believed that the moment had come, and this was picked up on by the inhabitants of Laguardia, who warned of the need to try and avoid the emancipation of such a rich and prosperous village.

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